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I'm not sure if something went wrong in the exporting of the track or if your speakers/headphones are broken in some way, but that laser/kick drum makes this entire thing REALLY hard to listen to. The only pleasant parts were from 1:41 to 4:17, but that kick being that distorted for that long will make many listeners quickly turn away from it. Every time it shows up, it drowns out everything else in the background with its harsh frequencies and crazy loud volume. I've listened to your other tracks and it's clear that you know that it shouldn't be sounding this way so I'm confused as to how you thought that kick sounded okay.

offi-DtrGuo-cial responds:

As I've said in the tags, this is a hardstyle/hardcore track, specifically rawstyle. This is a genre in which the kick is supposed to sound heavily distorted and overdriven and it's not uncommon to take up a good portion of the mix for the drop, sometimes being the sole element of a drop. And if you're into the harder styles, including rawstyle, most people WANT to listen to a distorted kick for hours on end, because that's the point of those genres. Please mind the tags and the genre before you listen.

This is a great piece, but UGH I'm a little aggravated that you didn't resolve that last chord!! Everything else sounded really good, I was literally yelling at my screen, "Alright resolve it. Come on. Resolve it. ReSOLve IT!! COME ON, RESOLVE THE CHOR...AWWW WHY DIDN'T YOU RESOLVE IT!?!?!" I'm exaggerating a bit, but you can't leave me hanging on the edge like that! XD

Sir, you are NOT slick, I heard that Fallout quote LOUD AND CLEAR @ 2:43!!! XD

EverErratic responds:

Haha, I admit I listened to that song a few times and loved that pair of chords. The melodic phrase there emphasizes the use of a chord from the parallel minor, so I felt the need to use that as well. It quickly becomes my own thing in the following bar though.

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